Venture Climate Alliance


Previewing current and future net zero aligned work streams that enable VCs to turn their commitment into action.

  1. 01


    Venture playbook for mapping key sources of firm-level operational emissions, reducing them, and procuring high integrity carbon removals.

  2. 02


    Net zero frameworks for and by VCs that allow investors to set targets on the percentage of their venture portfolio that is “managed in alignment with net zero.”

  3. 03


    Ongoing guidance on how to operationalize net zero aligned goals, ensuring that our work with portfolio companies is in line with evolving best practice.

  4. 04


    Required annual disclosures that ensure members are making progress towards the VCA commitment.


Portfolio Alignment Framework

The Portfolio Alignment Framework is the first of three venture-specific net zero frameworks that allow VCs to set targets and report on the percentage of their portfolio that is “managed in alignment with net zero.”

For investors that regularly take board seats, this framework leverages the hands-on nature of venture investing to encourage portfolio companies to adopt net zero practices as they mature and scale.



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Annual Disclosures

Required disclosures for members including portfolio, operational, and general metrics.


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